a great lament

A/N: This has gone through many evolutions – at first just to help my grief over the CS – but as more was publicized about S4 and a suitor was named, I had so many questions that I decided to build his character myself. Though I'm sure the canon Lord Anthony will be nothing like this one. Infinite thanks to lovexwentxred for putting up with my insanity; you are my stick, darling.

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jhw (sherlock)

nature changed its mind in two minutes

Ten minutes ago I had to climb onto the roof and rescue a wee hummingbird that bashed into my window. It was a beautiful, tiny, iridescent green one - I put it in a box and gave it some sugar water. It seemed to perk up (flew out of the box, weakly), flapped about a bit, blinked and breathed shallowly; but two minutes ago it died. *cries*

Ah, the natural world. How awfully sad.